How Can Counselling Help Me?

We Are Born To Have Feelings

You are entitled to your feelings but learning how to express them more appropriately is a challenge for many people.   I can coach you on communicating more effectively as well as dealing with heightened emotions, such as anger and anxiety.

Anger is an outward expression of fear, hurt, or frustration.  There are various strategies to bring the heightened state of anger to a more manageable state.


  • Focus on taking a deep breath through your mouth while you count in your head to 5 seconds then exhale through your mouth in 5 seconds.  Think about blowing out the pent up or built up angry feelings out of your entire body.
  • Count from 20 to one backwards slowly thinking of a balloon deflating the pressure built up inside (yes your anger is the pressure in the balloon).
  • Take a time-out.  Time-outs are NOT punishments and are good for any age.  Time-outs used properly serve the purpose of allowing the person who feels overwhelmed at that moment to obtain some temporary relief from the situation by giving yourself some space.  I can instruct you on how to fine tune this technique, especially for arguing couples or family members.